Podcasts about Technology, Markets and Political Economy

A year and a half ago, I got a migraine and my friend Marie told me to lie in a dark room. I can be an impatient person and don’t like the idea of doing nothing in a dark room, so she told me to listen to the podcast, Serial.

And I got hooked.

My podcast list has grown and is now firmly intertwined with my academic life as a researcher of technology, development, and markets. I love listening to podcasts when I travel to and fro, when I cook, when I go for walks in the park, etc. I love the medium, the way it lends itself to thinking on a walk once the podcast ends and the idea of having more public, less academic discussions about important issues.

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about my teaching next year and about which podcasts might complement readings for students and I have made a list of my favourite podcasts. It’s getting long!

As there are probably others out there interested in the impact of new information and communication technologies on markets and political economy more broadly, I thought I would share my list via google docs. Please feel free to add your own suggestions, comment and share.




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